Zero Gravity

The Zero Gravity position in a bed, lift chair or massage recliner will offer you a dramatic change in your lifestyle habits.  Your spine will have a slight S-Curve when you are in the Zero Gravity position.  When you lie flat on your back you put pressure and tension on your spinal column and back muscles.  Sleeping or sitting in the Zero Gravity position will lessen the pressure, stress and strain on your body.  While in the Zero Gravity position, your circulation will be enhanced, your breathing will be made easier and your lower back will be cradled thus reducing stress and strain.  Your weight will be more evenly distributed thus making you more comfortable and relaxed.

Studies have found that simply by sitting or lying in the Zero Gravity position and elevating an individual's head and feet they can benefit from increased blood circulation, reduced stress on the spine and fewer pressure points on the body.  Raising the head can help with such medical conditions as sleep apnea, acid reflux and may even reduce snoring.  Here is a short list of health conditions in which the Zero Gravity position can relieve.

Chronic back pain          Acid Reflux             Sleep Apnea           Poor Circulation         Asthma            Swollen Legs & Feet

Stress and Tension        Muscle Fatigue        Hiatal Hernia          Varicose Veins           Neuralgia         Muscular Pains