Senior Citizens Don't Always Have to Choose Between a Walker and Wheelchair

Senior Citizens Don't Always Have to Choose Between a Walker and Wheelchair Some senior citizens view buying a wheelchair as a sign of defeat.  They think not being able to walk everywhere on their own is an embarrassing reality. 

But the truth is, it's not.  Not at all. 

Wheelchairs are used by able-minded people everywhere who have no reason to be embarrassed.  Although they've lost the full use of their legs, their passion for living is greater than many able-bodied people's.


In some cases, senior citizens either have a deteriorating or stagnant condition that only gives them a certain amount of energy and leg use.  People in situations similar to this feel the need to pick only one type of medical mobility equipment, whether it's a walker, wheelchair or scooter.  With this "all or nothing" approach, people forget about a second option: owning more than one piece of equipment and the power of choice.

The Perfect Solution for Senior Citizens with Limited Mobility

If you can still walk with assistance, having several pieces of medical mobility equipment is the best solution available.  When you have, say, a medical walker and wheelchair, you can choose when you want to use one or the other.  You're not held to only one option.  On days your legs feel stronger than usual, you use the walker; and on days your legs feel weak, you use the wheelchair.  It's a simple solution based on choice and variety that many senior citizens and families often overlook.  Sometimes, the simplest solutions slip right past us!

With a variety of mobility equipment, senior citizens and other people with limited mobility have the following options:

  • Relax and let their legs recover while using their powerchairs or being pushed in wheelchairs
  • Use walkers on sunny days during walks outside when their legs are feeling strong
  • Switch between seated assisted mobility equipment and standing mobility equipment when the strength of their legs varies throughout the day

These are just a few of the options people with limited mobility are offered when they have a combination of walkers, wheelchairs, powerchairs, medical canes and other equipment.  Also, when people have the power to choose and aren't restricted to one thing, their general outlook improves as well as their strength.  Because they can take rests when needed and exert themselves when feeling strong, they reduce the risk of overexertion or, contrarily, muscle atrophy from prolonged periods of sitting.

With a collection of medical equipment, many more doors and opportunities open up.  It's an option many people overlook that has the ability to squash needless embarrassment and promote a positive attitude.  After all, a prerequisite for happiness and healthy living is choice. 

Let's start taking advantage of it!