One Thing That Makes Older Adults' Lives Easier

As we age, it becomes harder for us to move like we did during our youthful years.  We also start to appreciate comfort and the incredible combination of comfort and convenience.


Whether you're losing the range of motion you once had or simply want a better way to relax, there's something that will make living room conversation, movie watching, reading and relaxing more comfortable and convenient than ever before.



That something is a power lift chair or medical recliner.

 Chair Lives Easier

Decades ago, the technology used in today's power lift chairs didn't exist.  Now more than ever, they're more comfortable and desirable to anyone with a physical handicap or need for more convenient comfort.  They're popularity and effectiveness have been proven even further with Serta's entrance into the medical recliner market.  If this type of chair didn't make lives of older adults better, Serta, as a reputable home comfort company, would have never entered the market.


The new chair by Serta is called the Serta Comfort Lift Chair.  According to a press release by Furniture Today, "the three-model lineup features Serta's Cool Action gel memory foam in the seat and arm cushions, as well as an individually wrapped coil spring seating system and Pirelli webbing that forms to consumers' backs."


With Serta's involvement in the lift chair market, all related products will most definitely become better than ever.  Just like it increased the quality of bed mattresses with its memory foam, it will do the same to lift chairs.  It will create higher competition that will, in effect, cause lift chair companies to create better products and offer them at more affordable prices. 


Serta's new release will also come in other releases from other power chair companies, which makes it an optimal time to start looking around.  Because technology is at its peak right now in the medical recliner market, the most comfortable and convenient chairs are now available.


If you or your loved one has been waiting to invest in a comfortable seating solution, now is the best time to take action.