The Right Medical Supplies Will Make You More Mobile

Like the rest of the nation, Oklahoma City is experiencing the benefits of new breakthroughs in healthcare, allowing more individuals to enjoy life into their 60s, 70s, 80s, and beyond. However, old age often brings limitations in mobility. That's why medical supplies in Oklahoma City include increasingly robust options for those who are mobility impaired at any age. Here are some common solutions offered by Smith Medical Equipment that may be right for you:

1.  Canes – The cane is among the oldest medical devices around and it is still a useful and reliable tool today. For many people, canes are not only medical supplies, but also an elegant statement that can look dignified and stylish. Canes are ideal for people who experience mild to moderate pain when walking or who have a disability in one leg or foot but not the other.

2.  Walkers – Walkers may seem like a small step up from canes but they can completely change your level of mobility. Generally, walkers are ideal for people who have moderate to severe difficulty walking, and for anyone with difficulty balancing or a risk of falling. Walkers give you a stable platform to lean on and help you walk evenly with both legs.

3.  Wheelchairs – Wheelchairs come in both powered and non-powered varieties. There is a huge range of wheelchairs designs available, from simple models that help you get around short distances to more luxurious models and those with storage bags or trays to help you carry items with you. They are a good choice, not only for individuals who cannot walk, but also for those who can only walk short distances—having a wheelchair available expands your options.

4.  Scooters – Scooters are among the most popular mobility options. While similar in concept to a powered wheelchair, a scooter utilizes a different shape and design that is oriented more toward an active lifestyle. Scooter users typically have a basket for carrying a variety of items, as well as the capacity to lean forward and reach things without leaving the scooter. Many individuals in scooters will garden, work with their hands, or even cook meals from the comfort of their seat.

5.  Adjustable beds – Medical supplies also help individuals who cannot leave their bed or spend a majority of their time lying down. An adjustable bed is one of the best options for a patient who will be in bed long-term. A small electric motor can gently raise your bed from a prone to an upright position, making it easier to eat meals or watch TV.

6.  Lift chairs – Lift chairs are the ultimate mobility choice for people with multi-story homes. The lift chair follows a track beside your staircase and requires no renovations. It allows you to keep using both floors of your home without walking up and down stairs.

What medical supplies do you use to manage your mobility?


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