The Top Five Powerchairs for Your Every Need

Whether needed for everyday use or just on particular occasions, power wheelchairs provide an easy, comfortable, and efficient mode of transportation. If you or someone you know has limited mobility, then using powerchairs can be the answer to most physical needs. It allows you to move independently wherever you go, providing a sense of self-confidence and assurance. There is a variety of different power wheelchairs that can accommodate a wide range of budgets. Power wheelchairs are constructed to comply with the users’ needs in every aspect.

To make choosing the perfect wheelchair an easy task, we have compiled a list of the top five powerchairs:

  • Invacarethis industry leader provides award-winning power wheelchairs that are reliable and trustworthy. With front, center, and rear wheel drive, Invacare’s power wheelchairs offer an extensive range of driving options. They are infamous for their comfort and stability with easy handling. Invacare is guaranteed to provide you with a power chair that is both reliable and dependable.
  • Pride Mobility — known for their “jazzy” power chair, you can choose a wheelchair that fits all your needs and preferences. Their Jazzy series has a chair for every particular requirement. If you live in a space that requires tight space maneuverability, these chairs have frames for tight turning radius. If you are someone who needs to move their chair long distances, they have chairs that can be easily disassembled. No matter what your needs, Pride Mobility can meet them.
  • Golden Technologies — this illustrious company offers the Compass wheel chair series that have been designed and created with the help of physical and occupational therapists. With their superior knowledge over power wheelchair products, Golden Technologies has come up with a line of high standard wheelchairs that are affordable, comfortable, and high quality.
  • Merits Health Products — with a world class team of engineers and technicians, Merits has a sizable collection of power wheelchairs that are innovative and practical. Years of research and examination has allowed for designs that fit every individual need. With state of the art manufacturing facilities, Merits Health Products has developed quality products that provide independence and flexibility.
  • EV-Rider — there is a huge range of power scooters to choose from with EV Rider products. Their battery power scooters are made for every age. Famous for their portable scooters, these high quality products are designed to disassemble in seconds. You can transport these light weight scooter pieces in just about any vehicle. You won’t be disappointed.

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